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MATERIAL: WATER 05 is a photo mat printed on DIBOND (sandwich alu-foam-alu thick 3 mm.) 

YEAR: 2017

IMPLEMENTATION: The edition is limited to 10 signed panorama photo's in the size of 90x30 cm. and equipped with a suspension system. 


Rudi Klumpkens   [Eindhoven 1958]

After graduating from TEHATEX TILBURG (drawing handicraft textile work forms), Rudi Klumpkens has been active as an artist in the photo-film and video world for more than 30 years. For Stichting KINO he developed, among other things, as director, film and video activities for children's film houses, education, theater, dance, music, architecture and visual arts.

From there, Rudi investigated the possibilities for image displays on TVs, monitors and via projections and focused in particular on photography in recent years.

In recent years, his work has been frequently brought to the attention with various photo assignments from art-workshops, private individuals, own productions and various exhibitions

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€ 160,00
€ 160,00
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