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7d Untitled

€ 160,00
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MATERIAL:    Mixed technique with acrylic paint on canvas

YEAR :          2015

IMPLEMENTATION:  7d Untitled is a unique painting is a 30x24 cm. and comes without a frame



Born: 1953 in Tilburg.

Biography: Ingrid de Man

Working with different techniques, De Man's two- and three-dimensional works arise by a spiritual energy into a physical form. After her education at the Art Academy in Arendonk, she experimented for years with different types of paint, minerals, leather, copper, silver and gold applied to linen, silk, paper, cardboard and wood. De Man works both abstractly and figuratively, from small to large format with a high environmental awareness. She recycles all possible materials in the construction of her paintings and three-dimensional objects. Familiar with leather within the leather goods family business in which she grew up from childhood, this material is sometimes also part of her artworks.


- 2005 Ammersoyen Castle in Ammerzoden

- 2011 Galerie de Roos Tilburg

- 2012 Galerie de Roos Tilburg

- 2015 Rabobank Tilburg

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