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MATERIAAL : FLAMINGO is made from wood shapes found in nature, processed and painted.

JAAR: 2017

UITVOERING:  Flamingo on a natural basis. Total height around 22 cm. and width approximately 10 cm. The Sculpture is signed with a character sign and a year. 


Klaas Ferwerda Tilburg.

Born: 1937 Leeuwarden.



HBS-B; HTS Civil engineering; Industrial design academy. degree handdrawing,  degree Crafts. 

Work experience:

Philips industrial design; Janssen en Fritsen Helmond; free Lance Designer; teacher Design Academy;

From 1997 Klaas started working as a free visual artist, on paintings, a kind of collages in which damaged copper foil was incorporated. He also made many wood sculptures from wood shapes found in nature. Often fish, birds or human figures. He had a home in France for 7 years in Beaulieu s. D. where he was able to show his work in a group exhibition for 5 years.


At Eindhoven, Waalre, Utrecht, Antwerpen en Beaulieu sur Dordogne

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